The Complete Guide to Manufacturing Plain Aluminium Foil & Making Machine

The Complete Guide to Manufacturing Plain Aluminium Foil & Making Machine
Table of Contents

The Fact of Aluminium Foil


Aluminium foil (or aluminum foil in North America area), as its historical reason commonly known as tin foil, made of aluminium, is continually rolled from coil to foil like leaf with a thickness less than 0.2 mm even thinner gauge down to 0.0045mm.


Here, the characteristics of aluminium foil:


Mechanical Properties




Heat Performance


Safety and Product Security


Based on above properties, aluminium foil is a versatile and effective metal raw material and has been using in many industries through modern people work and life.


The common application of aluminium foil:


Tobacco foil

Alloy-temper: 1235-O, 8079-O

Thickness: 0.006 ~ 0.007mm

Processing method: laminate, print, coat, color

Use: lining, printing or coating to be made for tobacco packaging


Pharmaceutical foil

Alloy–temper: 8011-H18, 8021-O

Thickness: 0.02~0.075mm

Processing method: laminate, coat, print

Use: laminating, printing, to be used for various kinds of drug packaging


Heat sealing foil

Alloy–temper: 8011-O

Thickness: 0.025~0.05mm

Processing method: laminate, print, coat

Use: laminating, coating or printing, to be used for various kinds of dairy packaging


Flexible packaging foil

Alloy–temper: 1235-O, 8079-O

Thickness: 0.006~0.009mm

Processing method: laminate, print, color

Use: food wrapping for milk, dairy, coffee, tea, gum, candy, beverage, bread etc.


Sterility pack

Alloy–temper: 1235-O, 8111-O, 8079-O

Thickness: 0.0063mm, 0.00635mm

Processing method: laminate, print

Use: as barrier material middle layer in many food service packaging


Aluminum foil for chocolate

Alloy–temper: 1235-O, 8079-O

Thickness: 0.006~0.009mm

Processing method: laminate, print, color

Use: coating or printing to be used for wrapping chocolate


Aluminium foil for hose

Alloy–temper: 8011-O, 1060-O

Thickness: 0.012-0.02mm

Processing method: laminate, print

Use: laminating with PE layer to be used for wrapping cream class items


Beer bottle foil

Alloy–temper: 8011-O

Thickness: 0.009 ~ 0.012mm

Processing method: laminate, print

Use: wrapping for beer bottle


Aluminium foil container (semi-rigid container)

Alloy–temper: 8011-H22, 8011-H24, 3003-H24

Thickness: 0.02~0.20mm

Processing method: die pressing

Use: store food in take-out or kitchen or grilling or cake


Household aluminium foil

Alloy–temper: 8011-O

Thickness: 0.008~0.02mm

Processing method: to rewind and slit into small roll

Use: used to wrapping fresh food, grilling, restaurant, hotel, kitchen


Aluminium foil Insulation

Alloy–temper: 8011-O, 1235-O

Thickness: 0.006~0.03mm

Processing method: laminate

Use: as barrier heat to be used as insulation material, such rock wool plate, heat insulation tile


Aluminum honeycomb

Alloy–temper: 8011-H18, 3003-H18

Thickness: 0.02-0.06mm

Processing method: hot pressing

Use: to be used as core layer in the aluminum honeycomb sandwich panel


Fin stock

Alloy–temper: 3102, 8011-H22/H24/H26

Thickness: 0.08~0.2mm

Processing method: punch the fin

Use: to be used for heat exchanger thermal fins


Cable foil

Alloy–temper: 1235-O

Thickness: 0.006~0.04mm

Processing method: laminated aluminium and plastic composite to process into a narrow strip

Use: used to wrapping weak wires acts as a shield


Cable strip

Alloy–temper: 8011-O

Thickness: 0.1~0.2mm

Processing method: laminated aluminium and plastic

Use: used to wrapping the strong current cable


Aluminium foil for capacitor

Alloy–temper: 1235-O

Thickness: 0.0045~0.009mm

Processing method: lining with oil paper

Use: used for electronic capacitor


Battery foil

Alloy–temper: 1235-H18, 1060-H18, 1070-H18

Thickness: 0.012~0.035mm

Use: used for current collector material of lithium ion battery


Aluminium foil tape

Alloy–temper: 8011-O、1235-O

Thickness: 0.01-0.05mm

Use: as electromagnetic shielding to be used in various electronic equipment.


Among many applications, aluminium foil is most often used to producing packaging material for food & beverage service and pharmaceutical industry. As well, this is the biggest profit part of entire global aluminium foil market which size was valued at USD23.1 billion in 2018 and is expected to advance at a CAGR of 5.3% from 2019 to 2025. Household aluminium foil and aluminium foil container are the most important aluminium foil products against aluminium foil packaging market which accounted for the entire global aluminium foil market with a revenue share of 65.4% in 2018.


We are familiar with household aluminium foil and aluminium foil container and list their features, which are the reasons why they are popular in modern people family life, even which is chosen by many startups to boost a small workshop to produce finished household foil and container foil from zero.


The features of household aluminium foil:


To reduce burn when roasting meat

To grill delicious fish and vegetable

To lid small food containers in the freezer

To wrap sandwich and snack and cake

To make lining a grill or the oven floor


The features of aluminium foil container:


To be infinitely shaped easily with good design

To be embossed and coated and printed easily to add brand identity

To add shine and tactile quality for an appearance of one item

To be used in various food services environments as good strength to weight ratio

To be used in various sealing packaging in common retail

To be used in many cooking methods whatever BBQ or oven or microwave.


China is the best place of industrial aluminium foil to import plain aluminium foil and related making machine, as its lower cost and higher quality that exists a best business profit balance. But as you know in Internet age, too much clutter information is there when searching. We here provide deep value industry insight to walk with you to find reasonable aluminium foil China manufacturers and aluminium foil machine manufacturers. But at all these foil & making machine manufacturers are related to household jumbo roll aluminium foil and aluminium foil container depending on our industrial experience, for your reference.


The best suitable 5 manufacturers of foil (No Ranking)


First, Shandong HongChuang Aluminum Industry Holding Company Limited, was established in August, 2000, and was successfully listed on the A share market in March 2010 (Stock code: 002379).


Through running hard of the years, HongChuang Holding has been developed into a large-scale, comprehensive aluminum processing enterprise. At present, HongChuang Holding own 22 casting and rolling, 5 cold rolling and 14 foil rolling production lines, with annual capacity of 200, 000 tons casting coils, 170,000 tons cold rolling coils and 120,000 tons foils. The company mainly produces blister hard tempered aluminium foil, household 8011 aluminum foil, 3003 aluminium foil container, decorative foil, battery foil and cable foil and other aluminum foil jumbo roll.


With qualified products, professional technology and excellent service, HongChuang Holding has been exporting pure aluminium foil to more than 60 worldwide countries. To ensure the preemptive advantage in the future market, HongChuang Holding will continue to go ahead for promoting technological innovation, so that the company can achieve a win-win situation of customer value, corporate efficiency and social benefits.


Second, Luoyang Longding Aluminum Co., Ltd., founded in December 2009, was co-invested by Luoyang Longhai Investment Co., Ltd. and Henan Fuxin Investment Co., Ltd. Our aluminum foil company covers an area of 1,000,000 square meters and makes a total investment of USD600 Million. Our aluminium foil manufacturer of leading products include aluminum alloy plate, strip, foil and deep processing products, and are widely applied to the industries such as home appliance, telecommunication, transportation, medicine, instrument packaging, printing, chemical industry, building material, decoration, etc.


Our company own 20 cast rolling lines, 10 cold rolling lines, 1 foil rolling line and 6 coating lines, and the annual production is up to 250,000 tons. The designed capacity is 600,000 tons per year, including 190,000 tons of single zero foil, 100,000 tons of double zero foil, 60,000 tons of PS plate, 100,000 tons of curtain wall plates, 100,000 tons of automotive air conditioner foil and 50,000 tons of other aluminium foil products, to bring the sales revenue of USD 2.15 billion.


Third, Jiangsu Ding Sheng new energy materials Limited was established in August 2003, covering an area of about 4,046,856 square meters, with the registered capital of USD 52 million. The existing staff more than 2000 people, all kinds of professional and technical personnel accounting for more than 30% of the total number of employees, is a professional engaged in various types of aluminum and Aluminum Alloy plate, strip, foil and its deep processing products of provincial high-tech aluminium foil producers, Chinese non-ferrous metal processing industry Association vice chairman of the unit, Chinese 500 private enterprises.


Our tin foil company’s leading products are aluminum sheet, strip, aluminium foil coil and coating material, and deep processed products such as aluminum oxide board, hard aluminum foil, cable foil, air conditioner foil, decorative building material aluminum foil, air conditioner refrigerator evaporator, condenser etc. as the type of aluminium foil jumbo roll. It is widely used in various kinds of household appliances, electronic communications, transportation, medicine, food packaging, printing, chemical, building materials, decoration and other industries. The alu foil manufacturers’ main production and testing equipment is imported from Italy, Japan, Germany and other countries. It adopts advanced technology and technology at home and abroad to organize production, and ensures quality through strict testing, which can meet customers’ needs for product thickness, accuracy and performance.


Our tin foil manufacturers has always been adhering to the “quality first, customer first” business purpose, regarded as the quality of life, take the customer as the center, to improve customer satisfaction as the basis, with professional manufacturer of professional spirit, expand the field of deep processing of aluminum, to provide users with faster and better pre-sale, sale and customer service.


Our company as main aluminum foil producers will continue to take the road of marketization, forward-looking business philosophy, scientific management mode and continuous innovation mechanism to meet the challenges of the market. The company will cooperate with new and old customers with brilliant quality, perfect service and eternal credit to create brilliant future.


Fourth, Mingtai Aluminium was founded in 1997 and listed on the shanghai share market in 2011 (stock number 6016770). Mingtai Aluminium is a large-scale modernized aluminum processing enterprise which includes the research and development, production and sales. Our main products are aluminium sheets, plates, coils, foils from AA1000 series to AA8000 series, and the annual capacity now already reach 860,000 tons.


Henan Mingtai Industry Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou Mingtai Industry Co., Ltd., Henan Mingtai Technology Development Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou Mingtai Transportation New Material Co., Ltd., Kunshan Mingtai Aluminum Co. ltd., Taihong Aluminum Industry (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. are the subsidiaries or shareholding companies of Mingtai.


Kunshan Mingtai Aluminum Co., Ltd. is engaged in the production, processing and sales of aluminum products. Our aluminium foil jumbo roll manufacturers of main products are 1-8 series of aluminum sheet and aluminum foil.


Zhengzhou Mingtai Industry Co., Ltd. is a joint-venture enterprise which engaged in processing of aluminum sheet, coil and foil, and as aluminium foil manufacturers in china products has a widely application in architectural decoration, shipbuilding, packaging, electronic appliances, printing and other fields.


Fifth, North China Aluminium Co., Ltd. located in Zhuozhou, 60 kilometers away from south of Beijing, is a famous and historic city neighboring Beijing with very convenient traffic conditions. Established in 1978, our aluminium foil company is a large-size comprehensive aluminium processing enterprise, jointly controlled by China Minmetals Corporation, Aluminum Corporation of China and Hebei State-owned Assets Hold & Operation Co., Ltd. Our aluminium foil suppliers have 2100 employees with the fixed assets of USD 18.7 million and the annual turnover of USD 28.5 million. North China Aluminium Co., Ltd has advanced technology, sophisticated equipment, diversity of products and strong capability of technological research and development. With more than 30 years of development, NCA has developed into one of the largest tin foil supplier in Asia.


The major installations of North China Aluminium Co., Ltd have been all imported from Germany, Japan, U.K. France, U.S.A and Italy etc., and all these equipments belong to the international advanced level. In addition, NCA has continuously improved the competitiveness of our products by a way of researching and developing new products, new technology, and new materials. The famous-brand products “Yinhua” produced by NCA include aluminium sheet and strip, aluminium foil, aluminium tube, aluminium bar, aluminium profile and deep processing products, which have been sold to China and entire world including Europe, America, Oceania, Japan, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.


The best suitable 5 aluminium foil roll & container making machine manufacturers (No Ranking)


First, Zhangjiagang goldshine aluminum foil co., ltd. is a leading aluminum foil china company engaged in the research, development, production and sale of aluminum foil and aluminum foil relevant products, established in 2005, located in Zhangjiagang City. Our company has a plant area of over 20000 square meters, the superior geographical environment and convenient traffic conditions make goldshine 18 micron, 20 micron aluminium foil quickly into the international market. Our company’s products are exported to U.S., EU, Japan, Australia, Spain, England, Bangladesh, Iraq, Ecuador, Nigeria and more than 70 countries and regions, enjoying a good reputation in the international market with best service and high quality products. The main products: aluminum foil jumbo roll, aluminum foil roll, aluminum foil container, aluminium foil food container making machine, aluminium foil machine, POP-UP foil sheets and so on.


Second, Zhangjiagang Fineness Aluminum Foil Co., Ltd. is an aluminium foil china company dedicated to the research, development, production and sale of aluminum foil related products, such as 25 micron, 30 micron aluminium foil for food packing, hairdressing foil, silicone oil, barbecue paper, aluminum foil jumbo roll, aluminum foil containers, aluminum foil rewinding machines, and manual aluminum foil cutting machines and aluminum foil tray making machine production lines. With the pace of globalization, our company spares no effort in becoming a first-class supplier of such products.


Third, Zhangjiagang Auto-well Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is professional researching and developing manufacturer which is specialized in the designing and making the aluminium foil container mold, aluminium foil cup making machine, aluminium foil rewinding machine, paper cup forming machine, paper bowl forming machine, and yogurt lid die cutting machine.


Our company is located in the Zhangjiagang City near Shanghai with convenient transportation. We has professional engineers more than 20 people and 20~120 tons series precision punching production line and 2000 square meters of an area of workshop. Now company has passed the international quality system certification and products of CE certification.


Guided by “people-oriented, integrity management, innovation and excellence, service first”, based on continuous efforts, we have the professional advantage in the Research & Production of aluminium foil about deep- processing equipment, designing and making aluminium foil container Die, researching automatic packing machine and silver foil container making machine.


Our products have been exported to Italy, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, South Africa, Australia, Iran, Czech Republic, Syria and Dubai, more than 20 countries.


Fourth, Shanghai Silver Engineer Machinery Co. Ltd. focus on designing and manufacturing Automatic Production Line and High Precision Mold for Aluminum Foil Containers, started in 2009. We have a complete professional team with Perfect R & D, Production and Sales Departments, the brand of SilverEngineer® and GodFoil®, certified by CE, CNAS, ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO18001. The Aluminum Foil Containers produced by SilverEngineer® Automation Equipment are widely used in the Baking Containers, Cooking Containers, Oven Containers, refrigerated containers, takeaway containers, laboratory containers and other packaging fields, with a broad development prospect and great Environmental Significance.


With the increasing innovation ability, outstanding flexible customization ability, and increasingly perfect delivery capability, we continuously have won the global customer’s trust and cooperation, providing high quality products and services for customers of more than 40 countries in Europe, America, Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other regions.


Fifth, Blue Sky Machine Co., Ltd focus on designing & manufacturing high quality Aluminium Foil Container Machine, Aluminium Foil Rewinding Machine, Ceiling Machine, Aluminium Foil Slitting Machine, Decoiler Straightener Feeder, which can be supplied as an integrated coil system or as stand-alone systems designed to meet your needs.


Our company builds the highest industrial standards to ensure long-lasting durability and operating efficiency. Each system may be purchased individually as a stock item or combined into a complete fully automatic aluminium foil plate making machine. Our design engineers will work hard to match our technology with your production needs to achieve a more efficient, more profitable operation.


Our products are very popular, and already have been sold to India, Dubai, Brazil, Poland and other countries. We get many repeated orders based on excellent quality & good after-sales service.




Regarding above these aluminium foil raw material manufacturers and related aluminium foil food container production machine manufacturers, suggest you to select one reasonable and suitable one after comparing among them. You should learn more details about your target market demands, then decide which items will be accepted and even popular when on sales, also for getting the biggest business profit.


Niubilite, as one CM (contract manufacturer), would love to offer best price and service to you esteemed, depending on our many years industrial experience of plain aluminium foil for household foil and container foil and the role of one shareholder of one biggest aluminium foil manufacturer. In the business world, sometimes CM may be a better option for your business operation.

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